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SixBySix Summer Training Diary

Here are 6 quick tips to help you make a really fun, motivating training diary this Summer… CLICK HERE to get your copy to fill in!

  1. Don’t try to fit in too much (remember sleep and relaxation are important parts of training)
  2. Planning out your whole schedule at the start (you can always make changes, but it is important to see the big picture)
  3. Start slowly, and build up
  4. Make sure your training is relevant (if you are a defender you’ll need lots of explosive power, your training will therefore be different to a mid-fielder needing great endurance)
  5. Find new ways to train that are fun… that could be a fartlek session as opposed to a run… it could be 10 minutes of chasing the dog with a frisby… or your brother with a water pistol!
  6. Celebrate Success… make sure you build in rewards to have if you complete your goals for that week (we use big bowls of ice cream to celebrate at SixBySix!!)

Author: SixBySix