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As a big “thank you”, we offer you two types of rewards for choosing SixBySix:

Lightning Reward

The Lighting Reward is for anyone who books a course straight after completing a previous course. Look out for Lightning Reward codes sent directly to your inbox after each course – this is our best reward, giving you a 15% discount – but you’ll need to be quick!

Early Bird Discount

The earlier you book, the earlier we can plan awesome lacrosse courses. To say “thanks for booking early”, we offer an Early Bird Discount. Look out for Early Bird Reward codes sent directly to your inbox, but remember to use it before the end-date – this is a great reward, giving you a 10% discount.

Loyalty Reward

Loyalty Rewards are automatic! You don’t need to worry about a code for Loyalty Rewards – we will automatically give you a 5% discount when you book multiple courses at the same time.

Special Rewards

Special Rewards are unique! These are specific rewards that we send out occasionally. Look out for Special Reward codes sent directly to your inbox.