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SixBySix Digital

A New Digital Software Platform

You may have already heard that SixBySix have been developing a digital software platform with a company called Oodles. The software is specifically designed to make training more fun, interactive and memorable for SixBySix athletes.

The project is certainly in its early stages, with many exciting things to come – but we are very pleased that the early version is now available to all SixBySix athletes who have signed up.

Created For Athletes and Coaches

The digital system is all about celebrating success – it is designed to aid coaches in quickly and easily giving each athlete personal feedback and incentives along the way. The desire is for athletes to log in and be inspired every time they join us on a SixBySix course.

Available On All Devices

Easy to use and available on any device, the SixBySix digital platform has been optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop. Athletes can log in whenever they choose and access an impressive array of user tools and fun visual data.

Personal Matrix – Interactive Learning

We know that in order to become (what we like to call) The Ultimate Sporting Hero, there are a wide variety of skills you must master – a jigsaw puzzle with lots of pieces to collect. We call this jigsaw our Matrix. Each athlete progresses through their very own, interactive Personal Matrix, which ‘lights up’ as they progress.

Points, Credits and More – Celebrate Success

Athletes collect Points and Credits as they progress through their Personal Matrix. This progress can be viewed at any time by both the athlete and teacher. Amongst other key benefits, this data forms a 3D picture of each athlete, clearly showing the breadth and depth of the skills they have covered.

Collecting Awards

We love to celebrate success, so we have created a number of different awards for you to collect as you progress!

Performance Overview – Follow Athlete Progress

The Performance Overview provides an exciting visual dashboard, containing numerous stats for each athlete. These statistics give an extremely useful overview of progress and performance – providing both a close, detailed look at athlete performance, as well as a birds-eye-view of general performance and progress.

Personal Feedback – Useful Notes From Your Coach

Each time you join us on a course your feedback is available online. This feedback is designed to help your on your way to becoming the ultimate sporting hero.