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Meet the Coaches



They don’t come with much more experience than Katy. She was captain of the 2013 World Cup team and boasts a 14-year international playing career. She has coached at all levels from beginner to International, and her energy and ability to give quick, insightful feedback mean everyone in her squad will leave a better player. Backed with a Masters in Sport and Exercise Science, specialising in the motivation of young athletes, there are very few athletes or coaches who can’t learn something from Katy.

Tim has a passion for helping people perform. He has a strong belief that skills used to succeed work and life can be shared with young athletes to help them reach their goals, whatever they may be. Concepts discussed, and skills developed, often centre on topics such as thriving under pressure, goal setting, developing self belief, resilience and leadership skills.


Lead Coaches

Laura is a true heavy-weight in the game of lacrosse.  A regular feature in ‘All World Teams’ at recent World Championships, her athleticism, skill and tactical understanding make her a player feared by opponents.  After developing her lacrosse in the UK, she had an outstanding playing career at Maryland University, culminating in NCAA titles and 1st team All-American selection.  She led from the front as England collected their first bronze medal since 2005 at the 2017 World Championships

Linzi lives, breathes and loves lacrosse. Her energy and enthusiasm to share ‘her’ sport with others, underpinned by a wealth of experience playing in both the UK and the US makes her an inspirational coach. Her most recent coaching role took her to the U20 European Championships, where the team came back with a gold medal! Having coached at all levels from beginners through the talent pathways, right up to international squads, we should all take time to listen to her words of wisdom.

Sally is a world-class goalkeeper and coach. She has represented England in the most recent World and European Championships. She is fearless in goal and well-known for her superb reactions.  Many goal-hungry attacks have been thwarted by Sally’s brave 1v1 saves. Not only is she a great ball-stopper, but her positive personality and energy can inspire teams she is playing and coaching. From the goal, Sally has a unique vantage point of the pitch, and so shares a unique insight to those she coaches, making her a the ‘go to’ coach for many.


Our Lacrosse Coaching Team

Antonia is a member of the senior England squad.  She recently returned from representing England at the World Cup festival in Israel, where the team remained unbeaten.  She is extremely fit and versatile, playing anywhere from straight attack to midfield defence.  She is one of the most innovative young coaches we have worked with and always has new ideas for drills and games.

Cat’s bravery and athleticism make her a world-class goalkeeper who can be a real match winner. Her quick saves have regularly thwarted the worlds best attackers…she had a stellar career in goal for England at both U19 and senior level and has played at a number of World Championships.

Clare is a stalwart of the top senior England squad.  She has competed at European Championships and Home Internationals, drawing plaudits for her mid-field work ethic and goal scoring ability.  She is now a full-time coach at university level and perfectly placed to advise young athletes as they progress from school lacrosse.

Emily is a dynamic player who combines athleticism and flair. She was one of the top points scorers for England at the 2013 World Cup having burst onto the international scene, scoring the bronze-medal winning goal in the dying seconds of the 2007 U19 World Championships. Since then she has been a regular feature in the senior and GB teams.  She can play anywhere on the pitch and really makes world class players ‘sweat’.

Undoubtedly one the best defenders out there. Very few attacks will ever know the feeling of beating Georgie 1v1. On top of this, those Cambridge educated brains allow her to read the game brilliantly and lead the defensive unit. Calm and levelheaded, you always want Georgie covering your back.

Heather is a measured and tactically astute defender who was a key member of the Scottish senior squad who finished 5th in the most recent World Championships.  Her intelligent play transfers to her coaching, and she has the ability to bring out the very best in young, keen players.

Katie brings with her both specialist knowledge as a goalie, and also a deep understanding of what it takes to play Lacrosse at US Universities. She is excited to share new innovative training ideas, gleaned from a personal career playing in the NCAA. We are excited to have her on board, and always look forward to seeing what we can all learn from the other side of the pond!

Having played at elite US collegiate level at Loyola, Katie is now over in the UK to share some of the sneaky tips that helped her get to the top of her game. Her energetic coaching enthuses everyone around her… and as one of the England Academy U17 Coaches, she is definitely someone we can all learn something from.

Fast, fit and fiercely competitive, Keely has represented England at senior and junior World Championships. She sets an example to all other players in terms of training and commitment and is a truly versatile player who excels in both attack and defence.

A true international legend in the lacrosse world and a versatile midfielder with superb athleticism all over the pitch. Leading the defence, face marking key players at World Cups, winning centre draws, scoring crucial goals. Lynch can do it all and is a great leader to top it off.  She has a wealth of experience from both the UK and US collegiate system, where she received a scholarship to attend 2018 NCAA Champions James Madison University.

Philly is a creative midfield player who is also breaking into the senior set-up.  After a successful season, she made an impact for England on recent tours to Japan and Israel.  She is a great centre draw specialist and can conjure up goals from nowhere! She is currently studying biology at Nottingham University,

Sophie is an exceptionally talented young player who is just breaking into the senior ranks and undoubtedly has a great future ahead of her.  She recently represented England at the Home Internationals and at the World Cup Festival in Israel. She is currently combining training and playing with studying at Cambridge.

Torz is one of the top attacking players in England.  A reserve for the 2013 World Cup, and a key member of the bronze medal winning team four years later, her play is characterised by speed, a very high work ethic and a cracking shot that often zips past goalkeepers.  As a coach, she brings the latest tactics and techniques to share with players.


Our Specialist Coaching Team

Jenny was one of Birmingham Royal Ballet’s finest dancers and had a 10-year career touring the world’s toughest stages. Poor core stability simply isn’t an option in the world of ballet, and as such the training they get is second to none. We are very privileged to be able to share Jenny’s extensive knowledge of core stability and injury prevention with our athletes, an essential foundation skills, without which we can’t work on more advanced training techniques… (she’ll also have us all standing with better posture by the end too!)

SixBySix course attendees have loved the contrast that Jo brings to their day as she helps develop their skills that promote relaxation – a key attribute for any busy athlete. She never ceases to amaze the girls when she shows them simple tricks to help them relax and ‘switch of’ so quickly by really applying themselves. The skills she shows them are perfect to use both in their capacity as aspiring athletes and in their normal, busy, day-to-day lives.

Josh combines great experience in Strength & Conditioning and lacrosse.  He recently was a key member of the support team helping the Welsh Men’s team to strong performances out in Israel.  He has helped to develop the athletic development programme at Marlborough College, and will now be heading up the inaugural programme at The School of St Helen and St Katharine.

Rachel’s background in academic and applied psychology from Brunel University, combined with her personal experience in lacrosse, makes her a great asset to coaching days.  She helps young athletes understand the key role the key role of the brain and behaviour.

Rich is an outstanding strength and conditioning coach who is working with the senior England Women’s team as they prepare for their upcoming tours and championships.  Having worked in a variety of different sports away from lacrosse, he will be based at Marlborough College for the next year, helping young athletes reach their potential.

Richard is a true all-around performance specialist.  Having previously been responsible for combining the sports science services at England Cricket, he is ideally placed to understand and implement strategies for holistic performance. Richard is integral to the age group programmes for British Triathlon and loves to watch young people reach their full potential. Combining his knowledge of strength and conditioning and performance psychology, Richard brings a wealth of knowledge from different sports to Lacrosse.