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Lotty Keys – Fitness Specialist

Where did your passion for sport come from?

My passion and drive for sport comes the little moments you get when you play – the hairs on the back of my neck standing when we sing National Anthems, the adrenaline rush on the pitch and turning the butterflies you get before you play into positive energy when it matters.

What is your greatest playing moment?

My greatest playing moment was definitely in South Africa, playing in the first game against the first ever South African women’s team – what a moment in history to be a part of! Coaching in Vermont and winning 2 NCAA titles in one year was pretty memorable too.

What motivates you to get up and train on cold wet mornings?

Knowing that both mentally and physically it will make me stronger. If it gives me one more session than others who stayed in bed, I’ll have the upper hand when competing.

When did you first put in extra training – what made you?

I have always loved playing sport, and always had people around who were keen to kick a ball about just for fun… so I never really saw it as ‘training’. When I started competing for triathlon, that was the first time I had to motivate myself to get up and do extra training without anyone around. I had such an awesome coach. He made me want to train; I was totally inspired by his mantra, both mentally and physically.

If you didn't play top level Rugby, what would you do instead?

I don’t play rugby competitively now and I am absolutely loving iron-man triathlon. I have learnt so much about myself and the unbelievable mental strength we all have…. when we learn to channel it!

Who are your sporting idols? – why?

My sporting hero has to be Chrissie Wellington (triathlete and iron-man athlete). Her dedication and mental toughness is so inspirational. My ultimate legend though is Winston Churchill. He once said “if you’re going through hell, keep going”… I definitely thought about this quote a few times when I was competing!

What is the toughest thing about playing international level sport?

The toughest thing is definitely leaving the game on the pitch. We spend so much time getting fired up for a game and filling ourselves with adrenaline on the pitch. It is really hard when the final whistle goes to not go back and beat yourself up for things you didn’t do that well.

What is the best thing about playing international level sport?

The best thing about playing international sport is travelling, working hard, fulfilling and sharing your dreams with people who feel the same as you.

What do you do to relax after a tough game?

It’s all about compression tights, lots of food and good friends.

What would you like to achieve with Sport in the future?

I am really proud to have represented my country with Rugby. Moving forwards, I have lots of Iron man goals I am working towards. I am loving challenging my mind and really understanding the psychology of performance. It is allowing me to challenge my body to really believe in itself. Limitless expectations to always say “I’ll have a go at that” and finish with a smile!

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