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  • What does an average day on a SixBySix lacrosse course look like?

Each SixBySix course aims to provide maximum progression for each athlete. This includes exploring new skills from each of our training ‘Zones’ (Lacrosse Zone, Physical Zone, Mental Zone). Every course has lots of on-pitch lacrosse playing and aims to be exhausting and fun – we want each athlete to leave with increased knowledge, skills and enthusiasm, every single time!

  • What do I need to bring on a lacrosse course?

We keep you posted with all course information via email. But, typically, on each course you will need to bring lunch (and lots of snacks), something to drink, clothing appropriate to the weather (shorts in the summer, tracksuits / skins in the winter, waterproofs etc) and a change of clothes incase it rains. You will also need to bring a gumshield, your stick and boots (we won’t let you play without a gumshield). If you want to wear goggles, please bring your own pair.

  • How do you divide the athletes to ensure they get the most appropriate level of coaching?

We primarily use age to split up the athletes, however we do not use this as a hard and fast rule. If we have an athlete who would benefit from joining another group we will of course move her. We take into account things such as experience, size, safety and her wishes before we move anyone.

  • Do you have a refund policy?

Yes, it can be found in our booking terms and conditions. If there is a problem that means you are having to pull out, do send us a note first, as we like to think we can sort out most problems.

  • My question isn’t on here…

If you have a question that isn’t here, please just get in touch