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SixBySix Lacrosse courses are split into three tiers to ensure maximum progress for each age group at every stage.

‘Develop’ Courses

The ‘SixBySix Develop’ courses are for girls in year 6&7. They have a focus on helping young lacrosse players to master the fundamental Lacrosse skills. With lots of matches and game-based practices, we’ll send girls home with a love of the sport and the key skills needed to play it.

On these courses, we love to welcome girls both who have had no previous experience and those who have a bit under their belt. By working in low ratios, we will ensure that we group girls such that each player progresses at the appropriate rate for their current experience and level.

One Performance Zone

These courses will exclusively work to develop skills from the first of our three Key Performance Zones – The Lacrosse Zone (as you move up to some of the other SixBySix courses, we’ll bring in skills from the other Zones too – our Physical Zone and our Mental Zone).

‘Perform’ Courses

The ‘SixBySix Perform’ courses are designed for girls in years 8&9. They have a focus on starting to develop the strategies and tactics used to win matches. We’ll encourage girls to improve their personal skills to ensure they create impact on the pitch at key moments and start to help them to harness the power of their team.

These courses are designed to support girls to move their lacrosse to the next level, be that a higher school team, or into a representative setup (like a Regional Academy). Our coaches will always take time to make sure each athlete receives plenty of verbal feedback, and ideas to help them continue to improve.

Two Performance Zones

We know that good Lacrosse players are skillful, but the great ones are fast, fit and agile as well. In these courses, we will therefore continue to develop skills from the Lacrosse Zone, and start to introduce key topics and themes from our second Key Performance Zone – The Physical Zone. Here we will start to look at topics including injury prevention, developing speed off the mark, improving agility and more.

‘Excel’ Courses

The ‘SixBySix Excel’ courses are designed for girls in year 10+. They have a focus on perfecting the foundation skills and bringing in creativity into your game to create those little bits of magic on the pitch. In these courses, we’ll explore some of the higher level tactics and strategies to allow you to take on the most determined of opponents.

Three Performance Zones

We know that as you start to perform at ever-higher levels, your mental state will have ever more of an impact on your performance on the pitch. In these ‘SixBySix Excel’ courses we will explore skills from all three Performance Zones – The Lacrosse Zone, The Physical Zone and the Mental Zone, giving you the skills to be become what we like to call ‘The Ultimate Sporting Hero’. In the Mental Zone, we’ll start to explore how people develop the skills to thrive under pressure, develop resilience, self-belief and work as part of a high performing team – skills for you to use both on and off the pitch.

Celebrating Success

We are always keen to find new ways to encourage young athletes to take ownership of their own development, so we created an app to help them track their success. Each athlete will be offered a login to ‘Oodles’ where coaches will keep a personal record for them to celebrate ‘Oodles’ of progress!


Enjoy a selection of photos taken on the SixBySix lacrosse courses in Surrey, Oxfordshire and Hertfordshire.