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6 Unique Things About SixBySix Courses

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1. The SixBySix Matrix – our sports training framework

The Performance Matrix is a collection of all the skills you need to become a top performer. It includes 3 distinct development zones – the Lacrosse Zone, Physical Zone and Mental Zone – and is made up of bite-sized modules that can be taught, measured and ticked-off as you work towards becoming the ultimate-sporting-hero!

Start working through the SixBySix Matrix today!


2. Measuring progression & celebrating success

In order to become the best athlete that you can be, you have to be able to measure your progression and celebrate your successes. The whole SixBySix programme is geared towards constantly increasing your skill level, teaching you how to progress and how to have maximum fun whilst doing so.


3. It’s about more than Lacrosse

Being a top lacrosse player is not purely about being the best player on the pitch – it is about understanding the importance of developing your game, looking after your body, and focussing your mind. SixBySix courses are geared towards your individual progression, both on and off the pitch… we want you to be the next sporting hero!


4. Quality, innovative, performance-focussed courses

We continually strive to be at the forefront of sports development for young athletes. Every SixBySix course provides low-ratio, performance-focussed training from the UK’s top players and coaches. Each athlete is treated as an individual, and every course is carefully and strategically planned to make sure you progress your lacrosse every time you join us.


5. Individual feedback for each athlete

Every SixBySix athlete receives written feedback after each course. Like every top athlete will tell you, feedback is essential when it comes to progression. Whatever your feedback is, always aim to use it as inspiration. If you are able to positively embrace constructive feedback, then you are undoubtedly on the road to success!


6. Led by the very best

Described as “the player of her generation”, Katy Bennett is a true credit and inspiration to the world of sport. Boasting a 14 year International career, 4 World Cups, and both Vice Captaincy and Captaincy of England Lacrosse – Katy certainly deserves high praise as one of the top female athletes in the country. After captaining the 2013 World Cup team, Katy decided to hang up her International ‘boots’ and is now focussing on inspiring the next generation of young athletes. We are both proud and happy that Katy Bennett is the coaching director of SixBySix!


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