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Lucy Lynch – Senior Lacrosse Coach

Where did your passion for sport come from?

I was 11, in my secondary school (Coloma). I can vividly remember being totally inspired by my Netball and Lacrosse teacher. My lacrosse teacher played for England and it was then that I decided I wanted to follow in her footsteps

What is your greatest playing moment?

Ohhhh, it is really hard to pick just one. If I had to, it would be in the match against Canada in the 2005 World Cup, where we beat them for the Bronze Medal. I won MVP (most valuable player). My moment in that game was running the ball virtually the whole length of the pitch, and I scored by lobbing it over the keeper!

What motivates you to get up and train on cold wet mornings?

Now I play at senior level, I don’t really think about it as needing motivation – it is an expectation that we train, so the weather doesn’t really come into it. I have however always actually quite enjoyed training in the wet and cold. It makes you feel tough doing it, especially if you imagine your opponents might have decided not to.

When did you first put in extra training – what made you?

I was at school, aged 11. Once my PE teachers had fired up my passion for Lacrosse I knew I needed to practice, so I used to go to the gym at break times, and practice my wall ball.

If you didn't do top level Lacrosse, what would you do instead?

I would definitely still be playing competitive sport. I would probably be pack playing Rugby with the England team again.

Who are your sporting idols? – why?

My sporting idol is Sarah Butt, or Richie (as everyone knows her as) the Senior Women’s Lacrosse Coach for the 2013 World Cup. When I was 16, I went to watch the 2001 World Cup. I was looking for the number 12, as that was the shirt I wanted to wear in 4 years time. Richie was wearing it, and she was totally amazing to watch, the best player in the tournament… and a total inspiration.

What is the toughest thing about playing international level sport?

As it is not possible to be a professional Lacrosse player (yet!), your commitment to playing and training at that level has to be balanced alongside work, friends, family. It costs you a lot of time, money and energy to play

What is the best thing about playing international level sport?

Because it is not possible to play Lacrosse professionally, and it is tough to balance it in your life, it means everyone who plays at that level does it for the right reasons. You get little moments when you can actually stop and take time to enjoy being where you are, doing what you are doing, and enjoying how big your achievement really is. For me, I often get those moments when I sing the anthem before the game. I am wearing an England Shirt, singing the national anthem with my team all around me. You look out at a sea of England flags being waved by friends, family, and random people who I don’t know, but who have come to see us play. Makes it all Totally Worth It!

What do you do to relax after a tough game?

After matches I have a little routine that I always follow… I put on my compression leggings and do a bit of foam rolling to help my legs recover… and then drink chocolate milk (It has to be Alpro Soya Chocolate Milk though)!

What would you like to achieve with Lacrosse in the future?

My next goal is definitely the 2017 World Cup at Surrey Sports Park in Guildford. I’d love to come home with a medal!

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